Latest versions:
Smart-Clip v5.03 (08.09.2011)
SmartMoto v4.33 (21.05.2014)
S-Card v3.13 (05.02.2014)

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We are pleased to introduce new versions of Smart-Clip v3.06, S-Card v1.06 and SmartMoto v2.10.

With this release following models are added to the list of supported:

  • V3 with boot version 8.28 (unlock via prepare cycle);
  • Model L6/L7 i-mode models unlock via code calculation (tab I-mode)). No Smart-Clip needed, S-Card dongle is required only.

We wish happiness to everyone and will see you all in New Year 2007!


We are pleased to introduce new version of SmartMoto v2.09.

With this release launched "IMEI repair" function for the following models with specified boot versions:

Model Boot version
E1 A.02
L2 8.D0
L6 8.D0
L6 8.D5
L7 8.D0
L7 A.20
U6 8.A1
V190 8.A0
V190 8.D0
V19x 8.D5
V235 8.E0
V360 8.A0
V360 8.D0
V3i A.30
V3r A.30
V557 8.B0

No TestPoint is required. Just perform the next steps:

  1. Connect powered handset
  2. Perform a PREPARE cycle
  3. Log to IMEI repair section
  4. Press "IMEI repair fw patch"
  5. Enter IMEI to be restored
  6. Press "Restore IMEI"

In case of need restoring IMEI again the Firmware Patch is not required. Just perform PREPARE cycle and restore the number.

We recommend to use only the latest versions of Smart-Clip, S-Card and SmartMoto.


We are pleased to introduce new version of SmartMoto v2.08.

With this release added PDS repair option for the following models with specified firmware versions:

  • V365 (fw R4518)
  • V3b (fw R37AV3)
  • V400p (fw R3622)

Also, fixed a connectivity issue for older phones: V66, T720, A830, etc …

We recommend to use only the latest versions of Smart-Clip, S-Card and SmartMoto.

If you wish to receive news on updates immediately, please subscribe to our new SMS notification system. From now on, there is no need to send us a text with request of subscription. Just fill your mobile number into the form and get news about next update via SMS.


We are pleased to introduce new version of SmartMoto v2.07.

With this release we improve and stabilize the communication process for the handsets with older boot versions (7.B0, 7.E0, etc…).


We are pleased to introduce new versions of S-Card v1.05, SmartMoto v2.06 & Smart-Clip v3.05.

In this release:

  • First in the world! C975 model, firmware version 91i, is supported for unlock (unlock patch);
  • Model C975 boot version 6.36 is added to "Non-TestPoint unlock procedure";
  • "Non-TestPoint unlock procedure" modified and simplified. No need to flash the handset at the end of the process. User data will remain in the phone.


We are pleased to introduce new versions of S-Card v1.04, SmartMoto v2.05 & Smart-Clip v3.04.

With this release we add Z3 model to the list of unlock & PDS repair supported. General "Unlock via TestPoint" procedure.

Please remember to update Smart-Clip first and perform S-Card update after that only.


We are pleased to introduce new versions of S-Card v1.03, SmartMoto v2.04 & Smart-Clip v3.03

In this release:

  1. The following models are added to support of Non-TestPoint Unlock procedure

  2. Model Boot version
    E378i 8.25
    L2 8.D5
    L6 8.D5
    V19x 8.D5
    V557 8.B.0

  3. Improved Non-TestPoint Unlock procedure for C390.
  4. Stabilized communication procedure for C350L
  5. Flashing speed increased up to 20% by adding “Boost mode”


We are pleased to introduce new versions of S-Card v1.02, SmartMoto v2.03 & Smart-Clip v3.02

With this release we announce a new step in unlocking, flashing and repairing technologies.

From now on, all procedures for majority of the latest models can be performed without disassembling and making a TestPoint connection.

The following models can be served avoiding a TestPoint connection:

Model Boot version
C390 8.26
E1 A.02
L2 8.D0
L6 8.D0
L7 8.D0
L7 A.20
U6 8.A1
V190 8.A0
V190 8.D0
V235 8.E0
V360 8.A0
V360 8.D0
V3i A.30
V3r A.30


We are pleased to announce a release of S-Card v1.01, SmartMoto v2.02 & Smart-Clip v3.01.

The following options are implemented to this update:

  1. *.smf and *.smb formats are added to the range supported along with the new flash files (*.mfw, *.mbk, *.pcf, *.sbf and *.shx ).
  2. C139 model is supported by Smart-Clip "Unlock" button (C115/C116/C117/C118/C155/C156/E365/V170/V171 unlocking procedure).
  3. Supported "Repair PDS" for the model V360 (fw version R44419… )
  4. Stabilized and reorganized SmartMoto working algorithm for some versions of Win 98 and XP. "Clip communication failure" or "Memory allocation failed" issues should not appear anymore.

Note: please remember to perform a Smart-Clip update first and S-Card update only after that. Also, data base will be updated with new flash files in *.mfw and *.pcf formats only. Support of old formats is added to be able to use previously stored files. No new flashes will be developed in *.smf format.


Launched a new version of S-Card updater v1.03.

"Compatibility mode" issue is resolved and the "Bidirectional mode" for LPT port setting is supported with this release.

Smart-Clip detection failure while registering with S-Card dongle should not appear anymore.


We would like to announce a release of SmartMoto v2.01

The following options are added:

  1. Phone model V3t (fw version R3443U5_G_0E.C8.0CR) is added to the list of unlock and PDS repair supported.
  2. Fixed and improved unlock procedure for the models with ERROR 9B and V975 model with "Unhandled exception".

Note: The version with support of old flash file formats is under development and will be released within few days.


The new version of S-Card updater v1.02 is available for download.

With this release, Smart-Clip detect process is reorganized and stabilized, also added possibility of Smart-Clip connection on non-typical LTP ports.


First of all we want to introduce a totally new product: S-Card dongle.
S-Card dongle is a Smart-Clip sub-device providing high level protection in the process of operation and updates. It’s a portable USB key for:

  • Smart-Clip updates;
  • SmartMoto software operations;
  • Access to flash files database.

Use of S-Card dongle frees Smart-Clip users from SmartMoto licensing process. From now on, Smart-Clip with S-Card dongle can be used on any PC and will not be bound to the computer hardware. Smart-Clip registered with the USB key will provide an access to the new level of flash files database at portal New flash file formats are supported by SmartMoto, also direct flashing is allowed (TestPoint connection method is not necessary for flashing anymore). 

Please find a detailed description of S-Card installation and terms of usage at reorganised, official product web site.

Secondly, we want to announce a new update S-Card v1.0, SmartMoto v2.0 and Smart-Clip v3.0
In this release:

  1. K1 added to the list of unlock and repair supported models (unlock via TestPoint).
  2. Improved unlock for V3xr - fw R25227LD_U_86.31.34P and unlock/repair PDS procedure for specified below firmware versions (TestPoint connection method is required):
    • L7 - fw R4517_G_08.C4.1ER
    • V360 - fw R44419_G_08.D6.19R
    • V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R
    • V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R-S
  3. Added "Unlock via TestPoint" feature for C390 (boot 8.26) and V1075.
  4. “Enable Unicode” and “Set subsidy code to "00000000"options are implemented to SmartMoto “Service” tab. Please see SmartMoto user’s manual for details

Install SmartMoto v2.0 only after the Smart-Clip was updated to the latest version and registered with S-Card. As soon as SmartMoto installation is completed the PC must be restarted.

Also, over 11Gb of flash files in new formats are uploaded to portal To get access to those files, the user should have an activated SMARTMOTO STANDARD or PREMIUM price plan and Smart-Clip registered with S-Card. For more details, please visit

Smart-Clip ON!


We are pleased to announce à release of new version of SmartMoto v1.23

This update includes a Repair PDS procedure for model V3i, firmware version R47A.

Please note: PDS zone on V3i, firmware version R47A, differs from PDS zone on V3i, firmware version R479.
Before performing Repair user needs to check the firmware version and select a correct one from the list. In case of choosing a wrong version, the handset will not turn ON after repairing process and procedure will require to be performed again, with correct version selected.


We are pleased to announce the release of new version of Smart-Clip firmware v.2.26 and SmartMoto v1.22

This update adds new type of AMD flash chip on models V3x and E770 to the range of supported.

Also added repair PDS option for that particular version.


We are pleased to announce the release of new version of SmartMoto v1.21

This update includes:
  • Model V3i, firmware version R47A, is added to supported list (unlock via testpoint);
  • Improved flash chip detection for models V3x and E770;
  • Added repair PDS option for V3r and V235;


We are pleased to announce the launch of totally renewed portal
The portal has been moved to another platform in order to improve the service and taking into consideration helpful suggestions submitted by Smart-Clip users. New platform development was based on improvement of the following site features:

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Site performance speed
  • User friendliness
  • Fast support and customer feedback

We hope that our efforts will substantially contribute to effectiveness of our service and quality of support provided to Smart-Clip users.

From now on SmartMoto section is accessible for free during one year after the first update of your Smart-Clip at When one year period has expired, Smart-Clip users can purchase another year of access to SMARTMOTO *.smf format flash files. Price plans and their detailed descriptions are located at COMMERCIAL section of

Note: After the first update and account registration at the site a new user activates the service within standard price plan. Access is provided within one year period since the first Smart-Clip update (date of the first update + 1 year). In case you haven’t updated your device before logging to, the access will not be valid and ActiveX will ask you to perform an update procedure.

New *.smf flash files were added to the database of Please check out a NEWS section for detailed info

Please remember. Changes to the order of work with SMARTMOTO section are not affecting a Smart-Clip hardware warranty issues.  Period of Smart-Clip hardware warranty is 180 days.  Expired Smart-Clip warranty does not limit the access to SMARTMOTO section of


New version of Smart-Clip firmware 2.25 and SmartMoto v1.20

This update adds a models V235, L2 to the list of supported. Such phone could be unlocked using Unlock via Testpoint option of SmartMoto.

SmartMoto V1.20 has the following features added:

  • Manual selection of LPT port (select a manual mode and enter a port number);
  • Allowed flashing with backup from another handsets for the following models: C975, C980, V975, V980, E1000;
  • Detect of firmware version for model C975 to avoid downgrade or unlock of unsupported version. Program will alert user for possible phone malfunction(last option requires to be tested).


We are pleased to announce the release of new version of SmartMoto v1.19 and Smart-Clip v2.24
With this release we add M1000 to supported models list.


We are pleased to announce release of new version of SmartMoto v1.18 and update of Smart-Clip firmware v2.23
Software is based on new bug fixed algorithm and have an improved repair PDS procedure.

This update includes:
  • New model V557 is added to supported list (unlock via testpoint);
  • Enabled detect of the second flash chip for group of models V360, L7, V3i;
  • Added repair PDS function for models V360, L7, V3i;
  • Improved repair PDS procedure for V500 with 32 MB flash size;
  • *.smf flash files for V360, L7, V3i are added to
Also, special version of SmartMoto v1.18 without IMEI features is available for download.
Please choose the version that is most suitable for your area.

Please note: Testpoint schematics from now you can download from SmartMoto section on


We are pleased to announce release of new version of SmartMoto v1.17
Software is based on new bug fixed algorithm and have an improved repair PDS procedure.


We are pleased to announce release of new version of SmartMoto v1.16
With this update new models of V191, V361 and E1070 are added to supported list.
Unlock procedure of V191 & V361 is identical to unlock procedure of V190 & V360. Please check the instructions at

This release of SmartMoto have a new models added to repair PDS option:
  • E1
  • U6
  • L6
  • V3x
  • V190
  • E770
  • E1070
Also added boot-files and smf-files for E1, E1070, E770, L6, U6, V190, V191 to


We are pleased to announce release of new version of SmartMoto v1.15
This update gives unlocking opportunity for A1000, boot version (01.02.11) to all Smart-Clip users. Please be aware that testpoint procedure for A1000 differs from other models. So, please read our instructions very carefully.


We would like to announce new firmware release: Smart-Clip v2.22 and SmartMoto v1.14.
Added support of E770 & V3x cell phones models.
Also, added support of Write/Read process for the models V975, V1050, E1000 with blank-mode & 64mb flash-chip.


SmartMoto v.1.13 released.
IMEI change functions fixed (network communications could reveal hardware IMEI)
Added testpoint for new V3i PCB (version R749)


We would like to place an announcement about changes in our mail system.

From today (19.01.2006) mail address is not valid any more. No incoming letters will be accepted. The correspondence that was already sent to that address will get replied.

Also, to help us providing better and faster support, please follow the next instruction:
  • Any kind of troubles with unlock, flash, update processes - have to be reported to support[at]
  • Troubles with registering your Smart-Clip with SmartMoto - have to be reported to smartmoto_license[at]
  • related questions - have to be sent to to info[at]
  • Questions on product sales - have to be sent to info[at]
Please make sure that letter will contain next information:
  • Product serial number;
  • Log file from unlock, flash or update process failure;
  • Boot-loader account's user name (if account is already set).
Choose a correct address for your queries, otherwise the letters will not get replied.


Smart-Clip v.2.21

Fixed unlock procedure for E1, U6 & V190 phone models


Smart-Clip v.2.20 ready

IMEI change via "IMEI firmware patch" function enabled for the following models:

  • A630
  • C25X
  • C33X
  • C350
  • C350L
  • C38X
  • C390
  • C450
  • C550
  • C65X
  • E375
  • E378i
  • E398
  • E550
  • T280i
  • T720
  • T720i
  • T721
  • T722i
  • V3
  • V60i
  • V66i
  • V80
  • V150
  • V18X
  • V22X
  • V30X
  • V330
  • V40X
  • V50X
  • V525
  • V535
  • V545
  • V547
  • V550
  • V551
  • V60X
  • V620
  • V635

Added unlock via testpoint:

  • E1
  • L6
  • L7
  • U6
  • V190


V3i phone now supported for unlock with testpoint (boot versions starting from 8.A0)


Dear users.
New version of Smart-Clip firmware 2.18 & new version of SmartMoto tool 1.08 released.

SmartMoto improvements:
  • "Repair PDS" function now supports C390 and C650 (improved operation).
  • "Write IMEI" function added.
  • Added "Remove RSA" feature for V3 with boot ver.8.26, without disassembling the handset (First on the market!).
  • "Unlock via Testpoint" function added.
  • Added unlock support for V360 (beta test) through new function in SmartMoto: "Unlock via Testpoint".
  • Added support of boot-mode "S Blank Neptune LTE2" for model V360 (beta-test).


Dear Users,
Please be informed that now you can see the warranty age of your Smart-Clip/Smart-Unlocker when you update it. Warranty countdown starts at the first update.

If your clip was purchased before this feature was implemeted, the warranty age for it will be calculated as follows: date of first update + 90 days (to cover possible losses of time in reseller's posession and your conveniency).


In SmartMoto Section added Testpoints for A630, C38x, C390, C975, C980, E1000, E375, E378i, E398, E1, V3, V18x, V30x, V40x, V50x, V525, V60x, V330, V535, V54x, V55x, V620, V635, V80, V975, V1050, V980 Cell phones.
Use the testpoint for your specific phone model and follow the step-by-step instruction strictly.
Unlock procedure for V3 (RAZR) phone with testpoint (boot version 8.26)
Unlock procedure for Ñ975 phone with testpoint (boot version 6.36)


New version of SmartMoto v1.07 Released
Smart-Clip Firmware Update v2.17

Added support of boot-mode "S Blank Neptune LTE" for listed below models


New version of SmartMoto v1.06 Released
Smart-Clip Firmware Update v2.16

From now on Smart-Clip users will be able to use "Repair PDS" option.
Listed below models will be supported for this feature:
Installation guide
SmartMoto v1.06 might require registration procedure. To avoid this, please do the following.
Before running installation of SmartMoto v1.06, please open your already installed SmartMoto folder (disk name:\Program Files\GsmServer\SmartMoto) and copy file “SmartMoto.lic” to one of your folders. Start installation process. After completing paste your “SmartMoto.lic” file back to SmartMoto folder and start the program.


Smart-Clip Firmware Update v2.15, SmartMoto 1.05 Ready

Now Smart-Clip can unlock V186, V635 (R474_G_08.48.6CR), T725e cell phones

Unlock procedure improved for newer versions of V18x/V22x/C65x/C38x/E375/E378i (you don’t need phone charger unless the phone battery is depleted). The phone will power on automatically when it exits boot mode

Smart-Clip can now unlock models with boot loader version using SmartMoto.
  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Connect it to PC via smart-clip, detect your phone in SmartMoto.
  3. Go to Unlock bookmark, pick your model, press "Remove RSA" button.
  4. Phone goes into boot mode.
  5. Part of phone Firmware is reflashed.
  6. Phone doesn't power on after that. SmartMoto will give you the message requiring to take phone into boot mode using keys combination: *,#, PWR ON (at this moment the phone has to be connected by usb cable) or using Repairing cable.
  7. Press "OK" button. Wait till the process ends.
  8. The phone powers on and is ready to be unlocked by Smart-Clip using simple "press one button" method (press Unlock button on Smart-Clip).
SmartMoto will work with phones with boot version only after user goes to Unlock bookmark, picks the phone model and presses "Remove RSA" button.

SmartMoto has been improved in Read Flash procedure. Flash files will be created in safe mode ensuring quality flashing later. If there is a risk that firmware can’t be read safely, SmartMoto will not complete the Read Flash procedure.

SmartMoto now supports blank mode boot for these models: C975/C980/V975/V980/E1000/V1050

ActiveX client has been updated.
If you update your device using Windows XP:
  • If ActiveX window gives this message: Windows LPT polling detected, click "Advanced" for options you need to:
  • go to Active X settings, bookmark Avanced, check mark "Disable OS parallel port polling (requires reboot)" and restart your computer.
  • Update only after that!


Today Smart-Clip v2.14 and SmartMoto 1.04 are ready. This is a bugfix release that enables Windows 98 support


Solution for "Error 0x1DE" issue published on Troubleshooting page


Firmware Update v2.13 and SmartMoto Update

Dear Users,
It is our great joy and privilege to announce the release of this long awaited update:

  • Firmware version R472_xx for phone models V330, V547 and V551 has been tested and proven to be supported by Smart-Clip and Smart-Unlocker.
  • SmartMoto Update v 1.03
All SmartMoto Users can now enjoy phone flashing using smf files which are available for download at
You can read language pack from phones and make respective smf files. These language pack files will not be bound to Smart-Clip serial number. This option will work with Smart-Clips versioned 2.13 and higher.


SmartMoto 1.02 RC2 Asian Edition is now available


We are pleased to announce...
first in the world...
unlock of v1050
as well as long awaited v975 (ver R245_xxx)
and E378i

Tested and proved as supported: C117 (Acer) and V170 (Acer)

New version of SmartMoto (1.02 RC2):

  • backup and restore flash for A830, C975, C980, V980, V975, E1000, A1000, V1050, V150 (R313LT_xxx)
  • support new boot V3 (8.2.3, 8.2.4) and boot Axxx (6.1.2)
  • improved procedure for flashing certain types of flash for C350L
  • clear life timer
  • master clear
  • master reset
  • change bands
  • unlock initialization for certain phone models (V1050 and V975)
  • improve Win XP compatibility option
Please be advised that new SmartMoto requires registration:
  1. Connect your clip to PC
  2. Start SmartMoto
  3. Select Phone Connection: Smart-Clip USB port
  4. Press Search
  5. You be will be offered a link, follow it, fill out the form and you will receive the key needed to activate the program
  6. Copy the key and paste it into a registration window in SmartMoto software. No more registration is needed
NOTE: From now on! Smart-Clip is allowed to register up to five times. If user needs to register it again, after the limit has been reached, he needs to contact us.

The following option is recommended on Windows 2000/XP to improve communication stability: Disable OS parallel port polling (requires reboot) Unlock procedure for V1050 and V975 (ver R245_xxx):
You need to use SmartMoto to unlock these models

  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Connect it to PC via smart-clip, detect your phone in SmartMoto.
  3. Go to Unlock bookmark, pick your model, press "Start unlock procedure" button.
  4. Phone goes into boot mode, reserve copy of security area is created.
  5. Part of phone Firmware is reflashed.
  6. Phone doesn't power on after that. SmartMoto will give you the message requiring to take phone into boot mode using keys combination: *,#, PWR ON (at this moment the phone has to be connected by usb cable) or using repair cable.
  7. Press "OK" button. Wait till the process ends.
  8. The phone powers on and is ready to be unlocked by Smart-Clip using simple "press one button" method (press Unlock button on Smart-Clip).

Unlock procedure for E378i:

  1. Power on the phone, connect it to Smart-Clip, press Unlock button.
  2. Phone goes into boot mode.
  3. E/G starts blinking.
  4. Power the phone ON manually within 2-3 seconds after display turns off.
  5. Wait for unlock procedure to complete.
Alternatively you can try to unlock this phone with battery charger on.


Version 2.11 makes Smart-Clip support C115 (v.1.0.50), C980 and E375
Unlock notes for C980 and E375


Update to v.2.09 provides unlock solution for:
  • Vxxx (Boot Loader ver 8.23) including V3 Rogers Canada
  • C975/V980/E1000 - Boot Loader ( beta / not all versions tested )
  • V188
Added unlock procedure notes


This v2.07 update adds the following models to Smart-Clip capacity:
  • V226
  • C157
Also, unlock procedure improved for these models (Acer):
  • V171
  • E365
  • C155
  • C156
User lock on these phones is changed to 0000 after unlock automatically


Smart-Clip v.2.05 released

V547 was tested with Smart-Clip and found to be supported

Added versions:

  • R313LT_G_09.20.05R (V150)
  • R374_G_0E.40.74R (V3)
Also versions of V550/V355/V545/V620/etc added

Please also take a look at the additions to C115/C116/C155/C156/E365/V171 unlocking procedure


Troubleshooting section updated


Smart-Clip v.2.04 released.
Added support for A830 (P2K) and C155 C156 V171 (Acer)


Smart-Clip v.2.02 ready
A1000, C975, E1000, V980 added
Unlock A1000 like A920/A925


Smart-Clip v.2.01 ready
This is basically a bugfix release for A-series


Smart-Clip v.2.0 ready
New models
Sendo support added
Flasher functions added
SmartMoto Tool v1.0b (beta) Lite ready


Want to receive update notifications to your mobile via SMS?
Read more


Improving clip to phone connectivity:
Check Troubleshooting section


Version v.1.24 ready

Added models:

  • C236,
  • C355V,
  • A845,
  • E365,
  • V80 (R37_G_0E.03.26R), unlock routines updated

C116, C268, T280i and V505 are tested with Smart-Clip and are found to be supported

Please check unlock instructions for the new models


Added link to great 3D model of Smart-Clip!

Big credits to


Version v1.22

A new update is released,
whereby Smart-Clip will be able to unlock C115

Unlock procedure for C115


Version v1.21 ready

New models: E396, E398, C380, V180

Check unlocking procedures for these models

Smart-Clip User's Manual updated.


Firmware update v1.20.

Now we are pleased to announce that you can update your clips to v1.20 and thereby your Smart-Clips will be able to unlock A835 (version TALINT_U_72.32 ODI added), A920 and A925.

Please read unlock instruction for these models

Also be informed that Smart-Clip User's Manual in PDF format is now available for download.


Firmware update v1.19 ready.
Starting with v.1.17, USB communication routines were majorly rewritten to allow A-series support. This version fixes problems appeared since v.1.17 with some older models, especilally C-series.


New Smart-Clip firmware v1.18 along with new Smart-Clip Reader available!
This update fixes A835 flash reading issues.
Smart-Clip ON!


We've had our update server offline due to some maintenance issues, but now its up and running.
A couple of hardware improvements were made to increase stability and robustness.


We are glad to inform you about a release of latest update v1.17.
This update adds next series to the list of supported models.
Now Smart-Clip unlocks A835!
Also C385 has been tested and proved to be supported by Smart-Clip. Wishing you a successful "Smart" operation!


A new update v1.15 is now available.
We want to thank all of you who sent phone flash files and logs to us and thereby made this update possible.
Updated Smart-Clip will unlock the following models and versions:
  • T721
  • T720 - T720_G_05_08_81R
  • C350L - R312ULS_G_09.10.2CR
  • V220 unlock has been tested and added to the list.
We thank you for your support and feedback.
Smart-Clip ON!


Please check your SCReader.exe version (from application titlebar);
The latest version is 1.1
Download now (60Kb)


Update v1.12 is now released
With this update your Smart-Clip will unlock:
  • old V-series models: V60, V66, V60i, V66i, V70
  • old T-series models: T280, T720, T720i, T722i
  • new V-series model: V80
  • C370 has been tested and proven to be Smart-Clip compatible
Special features:
Smart-Clip gets even Smarter!
Now it will record the history of unsuccessful unlock attempts and read the firmware of cell phones.
"Smart-Clip Reader" utility has been added to Smart-Clip toolkit. It can retrieve the history of unsuccessful unlock attempts and cell phone firmware.
The purpose of this utility is to facilitate the support process and make it fast and efficient. Customer can now send flashfiles of problem cell phones to our R&D Dpt. This way unsupported phone models can be added to Smart-Clip list on a frequent basis.


Release of latest update for Smart-Clip v1.10.
Now Smart-Clip supports new C650.
Go to Smart-Clip support page to update your Smart-clip


New firmware v1.08 of Smart-Clip has been released. The latest versions of V525 and V500 have been added to Smart-Clip support capacity. Please update your Smart-Clips to have a better tools package. Enjoy your operation!
Upgrades at Smart-Clip support page


We've received many quieries from our users during that time, so Frequently Asked Questions section was put together and added under Smart-Clip category. Hope it helps!
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Don't forget to check your firmware version
Version v1.02 (04.05.04) available
Upgrades at support page


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