Latest versions:
Smart-Clip v5.03 (08.09.2011)
SmartMoto v4.33 (21.05.2014)
S-Card v3.13 (05.02.2014)

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S-Card, Smart-Clip + SmartMoto

As soon as S-Card dongle and Smart-Clip are connected to PC, SmartMoto is ready to operate. There will be no additional S-Card interface implemented in SmartMoto software. The only parameter that distinguishes SM v4.33 from the previous versions the software will detect S-Card first, only then Smart-Clip serial will be found. All further unlocking/flashing procedures remain the same according to SmartMoto Users Manual.

New flash file formats

Smart-Clip, registered with S-Card dongle and connected to SmartMoto will support 5 flash file formats (4 of them are new to Smart-Clip): *.mfw, *.mbk, *.pcf, *.sbf and *.shx. No other formats will be compatible.

*.mfw - are meant to be used when the handset is connected to PC via Smart-Clip (phone > USB cable > Smart-Clip > LPT cable > PC). Choose "Smart-Clip USB port" in phone connection window, press "Search" (it will detect your handset), go to the bookmark "Flash", choose your flash file and flash the phone.

There are 3 types of *.mfw flash files:

  • reflash.mfw - meant to be used for upgrade of software. No data will be lost from the phone. Other words, all downloaded pictures, ring tones, contacts won't be erased from the handset memory.
  • flash_flex.mfw - meant to be used for upgrade of software with change of flex (change of basic settings). Some data could be lost from the phone's memory after flashing.
  • full_flash.mfw - complete change of firmware including the EEPROM. All added data will be erased from the memory.

*.mbk - flash backup created with Smart-Clip, S-Card together with SmartMoto. The handset can be flashed with a file backed up from another phone. In some models security zone will get backed up automatically with the flash file. In this case, after flashing the phone you will have to restore its original security area. Bookmark "Backup" > "Restore security area. Security zone file (PDS backup) can be recognized by phone's IMEI.

Backup files (*.mbk) are created only for the Clip that they were made with.
Its not possible to use "restore" feature with the backup file made by any other Clip.
In case of creating a backup of language pack, file will be saved in *.mfw format and wont be bound to Smart-Clip hardware.

*.pcf flash file to be used in PC flash mode with SCout software and S-Card/SCout dongle connected to PC USB port. No Smart-Clip is required in this case.
For more details, please check Flashing Manual at

*.sbf /*.shx original manufacturer flash file formats to be used in PC flash mode (see *.pcf file description).

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